Yes, you can study from anywhere in Australia. The whole program is offered through distance education. Students from Victoria, South and Western Australia and Queensland have all studied Macedonian at Macquarie University. The course lecturer is easily accessible for your questions.

Study in Macedonia

Every year, Macedonia's national university - Sts Kiril & Metodij - organises a 3-week seminar on Macedonian language, literature and culture at the picturesque and historic lakeside city of Ohrid (a World Heritage listed historic town). The seminar attracts scholars and students of Macedonian from around the world. You too can participate at this seminar. Click here for further information

Contact the Foundation

PO BOX 333 Rockdale NSW 2216 or e-mail


The Macedonian Studies Foundation has assisted the University in the publication of two books of Macedonian literature in their ́Macquarie University Publications in Macedonian literatureî series.

19th Century Macedonian Folktales
Marko Cepenkov, translated by Fay Thomev
Macquarie University, 1991
RRP $15.00

An Island on Land ñ Anthology of Contemporary Macedonian Poetry Compiled, edited and translated by Ilija Casule and Thomas Shapcott
Macquarie University, 1999
RRP $20.00

Please contact the Macedonian Studies Foundation for further information on purchasing these books.

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