Maybe you're a second or third generation Macedonian and you've learnt some Macedonian at home. Wouldn't it be great to improve your conversation, reading and comprehension skills. Study at Macquarie and you'll be able to read a Macedonian newspaper or book..                                                                       more...

Current Foundation initiatives and activities

- ý5000 Patriots for 5 Yearsţ Fundraising Initiative, please click here for further information.

- A 20th Anniversary fundraising dinner will be held on 12 June 2004 at La Dolce Vita Twins Reception Centre, Wollongong. Special guests include Charg╚ d'Affaires of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr Konstantin Dorakovski and Deputy Lord Mayor of Wollongong City Council Cr Kiril Jonovski.

- A further fundraising dinner will be held in Sydney later in 2004.

- A Radiothon will also be held in 2004.

- For information on any of these events please contact the Foundation.

- Join the Foundation click here for an application form.

  The Macedonian Studies Foundation
Who are we and what do we do?

The Macedonian Studies Foundation was established in 1988 with the aim of supporting Macedonian studies at Macquarie University.

The most important function of the Foundation is to finance the course. Without this support the course would cease to exist. As of 2002 the Macedonian studies program operates essentially on a user-pays system. This means that the Foundation, not the University, funds the course. The funds required, on an annual basis ˝ to meet staffing and other costs ˝ are significant.

The Foundation, in turn, receives it support from you ˝ members and friends of the Macedonian community. Without your assistance, this invaluable affirmation of the Macedonian language and culture in Australia would be lost.

In addition to fundraising activities and social functions, the MSF has organised linguistic, literary and cultural events to promote knowledge and understanding of the Macedonian language, literature and culture.

Given the significant cost that must be met to run the course, more than ever, your assistance is required in ensuring the survival of the Macedonian studies program ˝ a vital resource for our community and a valuable ambassador for the Macedonian language and culture.

The MSF is a registered charity, and, all donations over $2 are tax deductible. Cheques should be made payable to ýMacedonian Studies Foundationţ. The Foundation would also be pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to become a member and/or join the committee.

Please contact the Foundation at PO BOX 333 Rockdale NSW 2216 or e-mail

Novica Angelovski President

What are our Achievements?

1991   Macedonian Linguistics Seminar, Macquarie University
            Included many distinguished linguists in Macedonian from Macedonia (Prof Liljana             Minova-Gurkova), the USA (Prof Victor Friedman), Russia (Prof Rina Usikova), Canada             (Prof Kristina Kramer), Poland (Prof Zuzanna Topolinska) and Australia (Emeritus Prof             Reginald de Bray, Dr Ilija Casule)

1991   Launch of ýMacquarie University Publications in Macedonian Literatureţ
             First publication is Fay Thomev's English translation of a selection of Marko              Cepenkov's "Macedonian Folk Tales"

1992   Seminar "Macedonia in Transition"

1993   Radiothon raised tens of thousands for the Macedonian Studies Program

1994   Participation at the NLLIA Language Expo - '94 (Sydney), '96 (Brisbane)

1996   Visiting lecturer Prof Yumi Nakajima, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo)
            Academic exchange Ms Elena Petrovska, Sts Kiril & Metodij (Skopje)

1997   Visiting lecturer Prof Helmut Schaller, University of Marbourg (Germany)

1999   Our second publication "An Island on Land - Anthology of Contemporary Macedonian             Poetry", trans and ed by Ilija Casule and Thomas Shapcott

2002   New 5-year agreement between the Foundation and the University

2004   20th Anniversary Celebrations

And numerous cultural evenings, cocktail parties and formal dinner dances over the years and all with the aim of raising money for the Macedonian Studies Program.

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